The Theory of Musical Relativity

Any questions, my children?   Jordan Jackson. 20 years of age. I'm an English major and a musician. I review albums, cover shows in northeast and central Florida, and do basically anything else involving music and some of your favorite bands!

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    Here’s a snippet of a little piece I’ve been working on for about…..well. Since 20 minutes ago. But here!

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    POZ Contest: Stickup Kid - ‘Future Fire’ LP



    Stickup Kid will releasing Future Fire via Adeline Records on July 9th, and PropertyOfZack is teaming up with the band to give away a copy of the album. The contest will end on June 20th, so find out how to enter below!

    To win a SUK record you must do each of the following things:

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    Check out the new phooooone! My bebe.

    Check out the new phooooone! My bebe.

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    New AP? Okay!

    As many of you have already realized as you’ve been so eagerly waiting beside your mailboxes, the new July issue of Alternative Press is out and up for grabs. This is the first of AP’s attempts to “restructure and rebuild” their magazine from the ground up in honor of its 28th anniversary and 300th issue. Most noticeable is the size: bearing more resemblance to a small book than a music magazine - a very welcome change. But other alterations such as paper quality, design, and content have also been considered. And what better way to celebrate two simultaneous milestones than with a vintage feature! My Chemical Romance returns to grace the cover with the same exact photo as they did back in 2004 (though subscribers will get a special “re-imagined” cover courtesy of Gerard Way himself). After reading though this issue, I was pleasantly surprised at the amount of quality content I found in its pages. If this is any hint as to what’s to come in the future from Alternative Press, then I say cheers to them! Pick up this issue while you can!

    And for non-subscribers who really just can’t live without the exclusive redesigned cover, limited quantities are available to buy here:

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    Musicians and Their Clothing Brands: STOP IT.

    Everyone wants to feel important, right? Of course they do. But I’d venture to say that some musicians want to feel a little bit too important. Very much in the style of Disney channel actresses attempting to expand their artistic horizons through terrible singing, it seems a lot of artists nowadays are starting their very own clothing companies and producing generic trash just for a quick buck and some easy name spreading. 

    But hold on.

    That’s only most of the brands that come out of the music industry. It is, in fact, possible to do this right, if and only if the person in charge of the undertaking has the brains, creativity, and most importantly, sense of style to pull it off. A good example of a nicely established artist brand, as much as it pains me to say it, is Austin Carlile’s (frontman of Of Mice & Men) “Aspire and Create” line. Through the use of simple, non-overbearing phrases, prints, and designs, he’s created a brand that produces many quality products that feel as if they have a purpose and meaning. The “Create Music” tees and tanks display this most especially, with no sign of a company logo and a slogan so ambiguous, it could be attributed to any genre of music or any type of person with a love for it.

    Of course, there’s the other 90% of clothing companies that artists just seem to spit out for obvious profit. Prime example: Chris Fronzack’s (better known as Fronz; frontman of Attila) “Stay Sick” line. If ever there was a painfully obvious I’m-doing-this-for-the-quick-bucks-and-there’s-no-thought-put-into-these-designs label, this would be it. Stay Sick is the epitome of trying way too hard with not only designs, but with their promoting; Fronz constantly struggling to get the word out on all new designs and sales through avidly annoying use of every one of his social media accounts. If a clothing company is truly good and people truly want to buy the designs, they should sell themselves. Unfortunately, anchors and diamonds were played out 3 years ago and inverted crosses accompanied by a big, fat 666 don’t appeal to anyone who isn’t 14 years old and trying to piss off their parents.

    *Honorable Mention* Tom Dough and his “Fresh Dough” line falls much into the same catastrophic rut that Stay Sick has put itself in. Tom doesn’t even have the musician thing going for him; he’s simply a businessman who’s out to sell his brand. It’s just a shame he isn’t much of a businessman and he doesn’t possess much of a brand. With designs that look like they belong on the chest of an edgy middle schooler or an early Blink-182 album cover and a hefty price tag on each shirt ($28, to be exact. For a cotton tee shirt. Yeah.), his dreams of being a successful clothing brand aren’t sure to come true anytime soon. But it’s his inability to take criticism, his “no haters” attitude, constant promoting, and obvious thirstiness (his “special treatment” of his female consumers) that put the big “Nope” cherry on this bad clothing sundae.

    So please. If you’re an artist, or rather, just anyone with the suddenly popular dream of wanting to design clothes, make sure you don’t suck. There’s already a million other brands out there, so good luck.

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    Random opinion

    Deceiver is better than Life Cycles. That’s it. End of story. The Word Alive actually let me down quite a bit with this last album. It’s been almost a year since its release and even after countless listens, I still can’t recall a single really memorable chorus or riff. It seems as if the departure of Rusty and Justin really hit the band hard because creativity is lacking on Life Cycles. It seems as if the band is attempting a more structured, progressive sound, but it ends up just being formulaic. Chug chug on the open chord, with Zack laying down a little fill in the background, followed by tremolo picking and a semi fast riff, and then a 4 chord chorus. Every. Single. Song. The album is 13 songs of completely forgettable, mediocre attempts. One single listen to any song on Deceiver or the Empire EP will prove my point exactly. As someone who claims to understand and feel music, I think Life Cycles really suffers from the sophomore curse; lacking in originality, creativity, believability. The Word Alive claims that this is their best work to date, but I highly disagree. Previous works show that they can do far, far better.

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    Oh! Well, my favorite song is “Across the Sea” by Weezer.

    When I first heard it, I was just laying in my bed, listening through Pinkerton and it came on. It was like 3 in the morning, so I was a little delusional, and I just thought it was so beautiful and the lyrics had such meaning. They weren’t applicable to me, personally, at the time, but after a while and some ups and downs, the song has only gotten better to me.

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    Man Overboard - Open Season

    Here’s a brand new track off of Man O’s upcoming album, Heart Attack!

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Ben Kotin of Such Gold
Photo by Cameron

This was Monday, at the Phoenix Taproom in Jacksonville! I was there!


    Ben Kotin of Such Gold

    Photo by Cameron Nunez

    This was Monday, at the Phoenix Taproom in Jacksonville! I was there!

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    Anonymous asked: What are your favorite kind of blogs to follow?


    I really like band blogs, but mostly the live photos kind, not the “goofy band member antics” kind. I like seeing performances. I also like tattoo blogs because they give me inspiration!

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    Anonymous asked: i'm so in love with you.


    Oh, golly gee, I’m blushing here! I love you too, anon, even though I wish you weren’t ;)

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    I feel like the Internet has ruined music for me, in a way. Everything is too open nowadays; there’s absolutely no mystery behind a band. I miss listening to music and not knowing what any of the band members even looked like and just imagining all of them in my head. It made the songs more deep and personal for me. I miss when people didn’t CARE what the band members looked like or if they were “the best people on the planet”. They’re in a band, not a charity. They make music. Who cares what their personality is like? I just miss when it was me and the music. No one else. No one’s opinions but mine to influence my take on it.

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    Forever Came Calling: Interview with Forever Came Calling- 3/28/13 →


    Interview by Molly Louise Hudelson.

    With the release of their album Contender and multiple nation-wide tours, Forever Came Calling have certainly been keeping busy over the past year. But they’re not slowing down yet: the Pure Noise Records pop-punk group is…

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    Anonymous asked: What is your favorite song ever?


    My favorite song EVER? That’s a really tough question. It’s nothing recent, but I’m saying “Across the Sea” by Weezer. It just holds a lot of personal meaning to me and it’s really honest.

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